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Omega-3 Fish Oil Benefits and Aging

…switch from marine-based omega-3s (like fish oil and Calamarine) to safflower oil. My answer is a resounding no! Here’s why … The Benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil The idea that marine-based omega-3s can accelerate aging came from a mouse study on SAMP8 mice—which are bred to age faster. They gave half…

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Omega-3 Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer

…you have seen, a study was just released by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center suggesting linking omega-3 fish oil and prostate cancer. One headline I saw read, “Taking omega-3 fish oil supplements may increase the risk of aggressive prostate cancer by 70 percent.” Those types of headlines…

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Inflammation and Heart Disease Risk

…high, I recommend any or all of the following: exercise, weight loss, nattokinase (50–100 mg/day), CoQ10 (100–200 mg/day), baby aspirin, omega-3 fish oil (2 grams/day), and vitamin E (200–400 IU/day). But CRP is not the only test that can help you identify whether or not silent inflammation and…

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The Truth About Fish Oil Supplement Benefits

…Heart But what’s buried deep below the headlines is that the researchers did find that fish oil protects the heart. The researchers noted that omega 3 fish oil supplement benefits include lowering the risk of heart attacks by 11 percent and sudden death by 13 percent. They also noted that studies have…

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Protect Your Vision with Fish

…. Now it’s your turn: What’s your favorite way to enjoy fish? You May Also Be Interested In: * Mercury in Fish: Is it a Worry, or Not? * Omega-3 Fish Oil Benefits

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