Niacin Flush

Is Niacin Effective and Safe? Here’s My Take

…fact that scientists found few niacin benefits. The other much larger study, called HPS-THRIVE, looked at the effectiveness of prescription strength extended-release niacin taken in combination with laropiprant, a drug that’s supposed to decrease the niacin flush. That study also called into question…

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Beware of Elevated Lp(a) Cholesterol Levels

…I also recommend niacin, up to 2 grams daily. But it needs to be regular niacin, since nonflush niacin won't work. When you take niacin, particularly at such high levels, you may experience a hot, tingly sensation—the famous “niacin flush.” The best way to deal with the flush is to start at a very…

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Statin Medications Will Not Reduce Lp(a)

…100 mg of niacin, twice a day. If you experience side effects like flushing, headache and diarrhea, follow the diet and stop the niacin. You can try a lower dosage at a later date, then slowly increase the dose to 500 mg a day, twice a day for further protection. TwinLabs' quick-acting Niacin is a good…

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