Niacin Flush

Is Niacin Effective and Safe? Here’s My Take

…fact that scientists found few niacin benefits. The other much larger study, called HPS-THRIVE, looked at the effectiveness of prescription strength extended-release niacin taken in combination with laropiprant, a drug that’s supposed to decrease the niacin flush. That study also called into question…

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The Blood Lipids Ratio to Watch

…triglyceride support, take 2–3 grams daily in divided doses. To raise your HDL cholesterol: * Take niacin (vitamin B3). Since it can cause flushing, my recommendation is that you start with 250 mg of niacin three times daily, and slowly work up to 1–2 grams in divided doses three times a day. * Get regular…

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My Advice to the Presidential Candidates—and to You

…quickly depleted from your body during times of stress. I recommend taking 250 mg of niacin three times daily and slowly working up to 1-2 grams daily in divided doses (many people notice flushing as they start taking niacin, so don’t be alarmed). I also recommend taking vitamin B6, 40 mg daily; vitamin…

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