Niacin And Statins

Statin Medications Will Not Reduce Lp(a)

Statin medicaitons typically prescribed for reducing cholesterol have no impact on Lp(a) levels. In fact, a study involving these drugs showed an increase in Lp(a) levels! And therein lies the dilemma. While statin medications prescribed to help you attain healthy cholesterol can reduce LDL, they can’t…

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The Most Important Cholesterol Ratio to Watch

…triglyceride support, take 2–3 grams daily in divided doses. To Raise Your HDL Cholesterol Levels * Take niacin (vitamin B3). Since it can cause flushing, my recommendation is that you start with 250 mg of niacin three times daily, and slowly work up to 1–2 grams in divided doses three times a day. * Get regular…

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The Cholesterol Numbers Doctors Should Measure

…the wrong cholesterol numbers. If your cholesterol is over 220 mg/dl, they get worried—if it’s over 300 mg/dl they panic. Then, they put you on statin drugs to bring down the “bad” LDL cholesterol numbers and to help raise the “good” HDL cholesterol numbers. Know What Your Cholesterol Numbers…

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