Monthly Newsletter

On the Road With Dr. Sinatra

…actually read the monthly newsletters, which brings a real sense of meaning and connectedness to us. It makes us feel like we aren’t communicating in a one-way vacuum. More importantly, Dr. Sinatra and I get to hear what’s on your minds, and that actually influences future newsletter topics. See, during…

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Gifts That Give and Give and Give!

…have fed him for today; teach a man to fish, and you have fed him for a lifetime.” Dr. Sinatra and I have found this to be so true. In his monthly newsletter Heart, Health & Nutrition, Dr. Sinatra teaches people to “fish” by giving them the tools they need to take control of their own health. Why…

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Bone-Building Drugs are Causing Broken Bones

…taking a pill once a day or once a month. But emerging science has shown that these so-called "bone-building drugs"--or bisphosphonates--are not all they're cracked up to be. I wrote about the increasing dangers of bisphosphonates in the September issue of my newsletter. The mainstream media reported on…

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