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Vitamin B12 Supplements: What Doctors Aren’t Telling You

…vessels. * Vitamin B12 protects your prostate. That’s because it helps to minimize chromosomal breakage, reducing the risk of prostate cancer. * Microwave ovens break down vitamin B12 into inactive substances. * Your ability to absorb vitamin B12 diminishes with age. Many of us beyond our 40s and 50s gradually…

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The Dangers of Wireless Electromagnetic Fields

…phones * Headsets * Cordless phones * Hand-held PDAs * Internet access * Laptop computers * Computer screens * Baby monitors * Video gaming * Microwave ovens * Fluorescent lights * Diagnostic X-rays * Wi-fi * Electric/hybrid cars Kerry Crofton holds a Ph.D. in health psychology and authored an earlier…

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The Danger of Cell Phones to Breast Health

As you know, I’m all over the danger of cell phones, cordless phones, microwave ovens, and any device that emits radio frequency (RF). This Fall, I was both a presenter and attendee at a summit on wireless technology in Washington, DC where I learned something about the dangers of cell phones and other…

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3 Hidden Cardiovascular Health Risks

…ingredient list carefully to see if contains “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” oil—which are trans fats. * Cordless phones, microwave ovens and other electronic appliances. Many of the appliances we have in our homes are bombarding us with electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and radio…

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6 Holiday Gifts to Avoid or Use with Caution

…a backpack. It's also smart to use "airplane mode" as much as possible, and to use the cell phone only when necessary. 4. Microwave ovens. I’m often asked if microwave ovens are okay to use. My short answer is no, in fact I shun them because of the EMRs they emit. On numerous occasions over the years…

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For EMF Protection, Use Video Game Systems with Caution

…steps for EMF protection. The harmful electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) in our environment—and what things like cell phones and their towers, microwave ovens, and more are doing to our health. But what many of us don't realize is that we, and our children who are extremely vulnerable to EMR exposure…

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