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Statin Drugs and Memory Loss

Many doctors fail to tell their patients that cholesterol-lowering statin medications cause memory loss, one of many statin drug side effects, and many patients never connect the dots themselves. In fact, I’m convinced that a lot of what we call “senior moments” is really a reaction to statin drugs…

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Could Alzheimer's Begin in Your Mid-40s?

We tend to think of memory loss as something that happens in our 70s and 80s, but a new study shows memory loss can begin as early as age 45. This new study, which was published in the British Medical Journal, studied 7,000 adults in London between the ages of 45 and 70. As they expected, they found…

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Why Statins Are Dangerous

…heart failure because they deplete the body of CoQ10—a biochemical that’s critical to heart health. Recently, I wrote a blog about statins and memory loss and I thought that one of the people who commented described the dangers of statin drugs best. So, with her permission I’m reprinting her story……

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A Healthy Cholesterol Level Isn’t Always Lower

For years, the medical community has demonized cholesterol. As soon as a patient’s total cholesterol is above 220, or their LDL cholesterol is above 130, physicians are quick to whip out the prescription pad and prescribe statin medications. But the fact is, cholesterol isn’t the enemy and your…

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Alzheimer's Disease Touches All of Us

…develops Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's disease is a progressive, degenerative disorder that attacks the brain's nerve cells, or neurons, and causes memory loss, as well as behavior change. Though many of us may not have heard of it until just a few decades ago, Alzheimer's disease was first understood back…

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