A Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Heart Attack and Stroke

…“tryptophan” snack—such as a turkey sandwich or glass of warm milk. 3. Keep your bedroom cool and dark. Darkness signals your body to produce melatonin, the hormone that helps you to sleep soundly. 4. Drink a cup of tea that contains valerian or chamomile, both of which help to make you drowsy. 5…

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Why an “Unplugged” Vacation Can Benefit Your Heart Health

…any better or worse on the train than they did at home—and they said they hadn’t slept this well in years. That’s because Wi-Fi affects your melatonin; so unplugging gives your body the opportunity to function as it should. While we already know that taking vacations can improve your health – taking…

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Selective Beta Blockers Boost Conventional Medicine

…common problem I’ve seen is overwhelming fatigue, which can often be minimized by reducing the dose. Selective beta blockers also deplete CoQ10 and melatonin, so if you take a beta blocker, you must also supplement with CoQ10 (100 mg once or twice a day). This is very important to remember because CoQ10…

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