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“Too Much Margarine Could Kill You”—Quite Literally

Recently, while taking a transcontinental train ride across Canada a headline in the London Daily caught my eye. It read, “Too Much Margarine Could Kill You”—and detailed the findings of a new study published in the British Medical Journal and the Edmonton Journal that showed the huge impact that…

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Make Healthy Breakfast Choices

…choose organic whenever possible. * DO Enjoy Real Maple Syrup in small amounts. * DO Use Coconut Spread which is a healthy alternative to butter and margarine. Personally, my favorite breakfast is gluten-free bread, with coconut oil spread and mashed avocado. Now it’s your turn: What’s your favorite…

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Heart-Healthy Diets: 6 Surprising Foods to Avoid

…. Margarine: Margarine is generally made by hydrogenating liquid polyunsaturated oil, to create a spread that’s similar to butter. Hydrogenation creates toxic trans fats which induce free-radical stress increase harmful Lp(a) cholesterol. My advice: for heart-healthy diets, ditch the margarine and…

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Eat This (And Don’t Eat That) for Healthy Inflammation

…places to start is with your diet. You want to limit (or eliminate) as many pro-inflammatory foods as possible, including refined flours and sugar, margarine and shortening, and fried and fatty foods. Plus, there are several foods that come from the Pan-Asian Modified Mediterranean (PAMM) diet that do an…

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Reducing Inflammation is the Secret to Weight Loss

…beans, tropical fruits, poultry, eggs, nuts and seeds, white potatoes, cheeses. * Limit or Avoid: organ meats; veal; high-fat dairy; farmed fish; margarine and shortening; vegetable oils; refined flours and sugar; fatty and fried foods. Another tip for reducing inflammation is to season your foods with…

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Sugar is a Major Cause of Heart Disease

…table sugar! Now it’s your turn: How have you reduced heart disease causes, such as sugar, in your diet? You May Also Be Interested in * Too Much Margarine Could Kill You, Quite Literally! * Foods High In Saturated Fat Aren't the Enemy

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