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Maple Syrup Gives You Valuable Health Perks

…consider myself a maple syrup snob—or maybe I should say “connoisseur.” Years of enjoying Vermont winter skiing with our kids included gathering around the breakfast table for the comforting treat of warm fluffy pancakes hot off the griddle, topped with fresh local maple syrup. My Vermont neighbors…

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3 Holiday Foods You Can Eat in a Heart-Healthy Diet

…-healthy diet. A Heart-Healthy Diet Can Include These Holiday Treats Heart-Healthy Food #1: Caramelized Nuts. Roasting nuts with a bit of honey or maple syrup, and sea salt or sesame seeds sprinkled on top is a healthy holiday treat. Some of the best nuts to choose are almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts,…

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Make Healthy Breakfast Choices

…Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, peaches and kiwi are excellent options. Also, choose organic whenever possible. * DO Enjoy Real Maple Syrup in small amounts. * DO Use Coconut Spread which is a healthy alternative to butter and margarine. Personally, my favorite breakfast is gluten-free…

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6 Ways to Enjoy the Health Benefits of Apples

…oatmeal and add a sprinkle of cinnamon. Bake at 350°F until the apples soften (about 20 minutes). If you'd like, you can add a small drizzle of real maple syrup before eating. 6. Apple Yogurt Truffle: Peel and dice an apple and stir into plain yogurt. Top with a few raisins, and chopped walnuts or almonds…

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5 Heart Healthy Recipes for Cooking Healthy With Vegetables

…, season with sesame-ginger sauce. Heart Healthy Recipe #3: Boil butternut squash until tender, add dried unsweetened cranberries, a drizzle of maple syrup, and a hefty sprinkle of cinnamon. Heart Healthy Recipe #4: Boiled Yukon gold potatoes, add a sprinkle of frozen peas part way through cooking. Add…

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A Delicious Heart-Healthy Breakfast—Overnight Oatmeal

Over the holidays, my wife Jan and I received a very thoughtful heart-healthy hostess gift from our guests. They gave us all of the fixings for a heart-healthy breakfast, including the recipe and ingredients to make overnight oatmeal, including a one quart crock-pot. We’ve enjoyed this gift so…

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