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The Benefits of Multivitamins

…would have also increased the vitamin D, added mixed tocopherols to vitamin E and choose different forms of magnesium. As far as the copper and manganese go, they are too high. Even though copper at 2 mg is the recommended daily allowance, if excess copper is taken in the diet—which is frequently…

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Cooking Healthy: Baked Winter Squash

…looking for a new idea for cooking healthy? Winter squash are a heart-healthy diet bonanza. They contain potassium, alpha lipoic acid, beta carotene, manganese, and vitamin A—and they’re loaded with fiber. Plus, while winter squash are so rich and delicious that they taste like they should be high in…

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The Health-Boosting Power of Pure Maple Syrup

…would have thought this simple sugar compound could contain a potent weapon against metabolic syndrome and diabetes? * Plus, maple syrup contains manganese, zinc, and 15 times more calcium than honey. The only downside to maple syrup is that many people don’t know if their syrup is the “real deal…

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Is Taking Multivitamins Safe?

…you’re getting too much. Instead, try taking multivitamins that provide no more than 1 mg of copper. * High levels of manganese. Many multivitamin formulas contain too much manganese, which can cause insomnia. You should take no more than 10 mg daily, and preferably far less. * Too much beta carotene…

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5 Heart-Smart Secrets for Your July Fourth Celebration

…they’re low in calories and a good way to keep your holiday meal balanced. * Consider putting eggplant on the grill. Eggplant is high in fiber, manganese, vitamin B1, copper, and potassium. Plus, eggplant’s main phenolic compound—chlorogenic acid—has viral and cancer fighting properties. Here’s…

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Heart Healthy Eating: Cooking Brussels Sprouts

Call us crazy, but in our family we just love cooking Brussels sprouts! These delicious “mini cabbages” are a cruciferous, low glycemic, high fiber vegetable that’s filled with valuable health perks when it comes to heart healthy eating. First off, Brussels sprouts contain important…

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