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Is Mold Affecting Your Heart, and Overall Health?

…dysfunction (i.e. trouble concentrating, remembering words, and “brain fog”), dizziness, irritable bowel syndrome, skin rashes, fever, swollen lymph nodes, mood swings, numbness and tingling, and nosebleeds. The most common health effects of mold I see in adults is mental and physical fatigue, headaches…

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Could Optimism Fight Cancer: Why Not?

…You see, a while back Ashley and her husband Roger (pictured at right) found out that he’d developed esophageal cancer that involved some of the lymph nodes in his neck. Pretty scary stuff for any of us! When they first got the news, they were stunned. But somehow they held tight to their faith, and…

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Treating Your Feet Can Help Your Heart

…the color changes noted in the water colors represent different toxins being drawn out of the body through the feet—toxins coming from the liver, lymph glands, joints, fatty tissue, etc. Now, while it’s true that the water does change color in these footbaths, it would do so even if your feet were…

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