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Good Vibrations

…) and Roy Rife (an American inventor and proponent of time-lapse cinematography). Adam is doing some incredible work with his holistic approach to lyme disease. To my immediate right is Clint Ober, who co-authored the book Earthing with me. He’s taught me an incredible amount about the body and our…

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Summer Hazard #1: Tick-Borne Illnesses

Our New England home is close to Old Lyme, Connecticut, a delightful seaside town abundant in charm, art galleries, and beach communities. It’s also known as the “birthplace,” if you will, of Lyme disease. I was a busy Connecticut-based cardiologist in 1975 when the deer tick was first identified…

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8 Ways to Prevent Tick-Borne Illnesses

…experience with Lyme. While he’s now fully recovered, he’s not fully “out of the woods”—both literally and figuratively. You see, our grandson lives in a house on a well-timbered area not far from Lyme, Connecticut—which as I mentioned on Wednesday is the “birth place” of Lyme disease. My…

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5 Easy, Natural Cures for the Health Hazards of Summer

…also use scented Bounce dryer sheets in your pockets to repel ticks since they don't like the smell. If you do get a tick bite, watch for symptoms of Lyme disease. * Sunburn. After a brief sun exposure of 10-20 minutes or less which is important for vitamin D production, I recommend covering up. If despite…

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