The Cholesterol Numbers Doctors Should Measure

…recommend fish or squid oil (1 or 2 g daily) and either one of two natural clot-busting enzyme supplements: nattokinase (50 mg twice a day) or lumbrokinase, also known as Boluoke (20 mg one to two times daily). Now it’s your turn: Have you had your cholesterol particle sizes measured? You May Also…

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Prevent Elevated Lp(a) Cholesterol Levels

…Take 2 grams daily of a good quality fish or squid oil (but not krill oil). * Nattokinase: 50 mg daily. * Bolouke: Boluoke contains the enzyme lumbrokinase, which has been shown to assist with the breakdown of fibrin, a protein involved in blood clotting. It is a Canadian product and can be purchased…

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