The Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Blood Pressure

…precursor, alpha linolenic acid. Besides the blood pressure lowering benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, you’ll be rewarded with healthier skin, lower LDL cholesterol levels, improved digestion and a cleaner bowel, which results in less energy drain on the liver—the most important filter of the body. When…

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Can Lowering LDL Cholesterol Really Reduce Cardiac Events?

…news for Merck was that the group taking Vytorin had a 6.4% lower risk of a cardiac event—which they immediately concluded was due to the lower LDL cholesterol level. Yet, There Are a Lot of Flaws in the Vytorin Trial on LDL Cholesterol First off, this is almost a repeat performance of the ENHANCE study…

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CoQ10 Supplement: Energy on Call

…least 100–300 mg of CoQ10 supplement daily if you have any form of heart disease (the most serious cases and those people taking a statin to lower LDL cholesterol levels may require even more). For best results, take your CoQ10 supplement in divided doses with your meals. It’s more readily absorbed with…

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