Lower Cholesterol Juice

Budget Tips for Healthy Living

…They can lower blood pressure, thin the blood, and protect your cholesterol from oxidation. A bottle of turmeric can last for months. Garlic and onions can be very affordable. Healthy Living Budget Tip #3: Drink plenty of clean water and, as an alternative, drink green tea and pomegranate juice, both of…

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3 Secrets for Taking Nutritional Supplements

…drinking grapefruit juice with your vitamins and especially your prescription drugs. It contains an enzyme that can literally multiply your normal doses without you realizing it. 3. Can you take CoQ10 with your cholesterol medication? Not only can you take CoQ10 with cholesterol medication, I strongly…

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Thanksgiving Leftovers Made Over

…delicious, they are also heart-healthy. In the meatloaf recipe, the low-sodium V-8 juice is a great option for those with high blood pressure levels, while the oatmeal is a critical part of any cholesterol-lowering diet. In the soup recipe, the garlic is a great natural blood thinner and has been shown…

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