Low Homocysteine

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Why You Need Vitamin Supplements

…lower the risk of developing prostate cancer. * Low vitamin B12 can cause Alzheimer’s. A British study shows that patients with Alzheimer’s had lower levels of B12. That’s because it helps to support nerve function and offset high levels of homocysteine, which cause free radical damage to endothelial…

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Vitamin B Benefits for Your Heart

…neutralizes high homocysteine levels: * 800 mcg folic acid * 40 mg vitamin B6 * 200 mg vitamin B12 Unfortunately, the average dietary intake of vitamin B6 is estimated to be in the range of 1.5 mg per day, and most of us get only 250 mcg folic acid on a regular basis. B12 levels are usually low, too. So, it’s…

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The Ideal Homocysteine Level for Cardiac Health

…to homocysteine levels, lower is not necessarily better. Here's how to make sure your homocysteine level is in the healthy range. A while back, I was talking with Jim Roberts, M.D., an integrative cardiologist and my co-author for Reverse Heart Disease Now—and we both shared that we have low levels…

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When and How to Find a Natural Heart Doctor

…discuss your family history and request screenings for the following risk factors that tend to run in families: low HDL cholesterol, high Lp(a) cholesterol, serum ferritin, homocysteine, and fibrinogen. * If you have heart symptoms, such as chest pain, syncope (unexplained passing out) or shortness…

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