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Heart Risk Factors for Women Versus Men

…shown that a high LDL is a powerful risk factor for heart disease in men. But for women, the story is different. Recent research indicates that a low HDL, not a high LDL, is the more significant risk factor for a woman to develop heart disease. (This means that some women may need to increase HDL cholesterol…

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Three Signs You Need To Find a Cardiologist

…definitely see a cardiologist. You want to discuss your family history and request screenings for the following risk factors that tend to run in families: low HDL cholesterol, Lp(a), serum ferritin, homycysteine and fibrinogen. * If you have chest pain, syncope (unexplained passing out) or shortness of breath…

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What Causes Coronary Artery Disease?

…Paul Ridker, who led the Women’s Health Study, approximately 25 percent of the US population has elevated C-reactive protein levels, but normal to low HDL and LDL cholesterol levels. This means that millions of Americans may be unaware that they are at increased risk for future cardiovascular problems…

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Is Niacin Effective and Safe? Here’s My Take

…or a pins and needles sensation. In fact, most people can’t tolerate doses over 500 mg of short-acting niacin. * For those with high Lp(a) and low HDL cholesterol, I’ve had good success with short-acting niacin. My recommendation is that you start with 250 mg of short-acting niacin three times daily…

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Diabetes and Heart Disease

…if you are overweight, you have a higher propensity for developing insulin resistance. Many with insulin resistance also have high blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol levels and high triglycerides, the typical metabolic trio of insulin resistance. So, if you are overweight or have insulin resistance,…

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