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Will Aspirin Work For You?

…to patients with cardiovascular problems, there is much debate about the most effective minimum dosage. For example, does a patient need one low-dose aspirin (81 mg), two low-dose aspirins, or one full-dose aspirin (325 mg)? This confusion comes out of research suggesting that not all patients respond…

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Natural Pain Relief

…can also talk to your doctor about trying my recommendations for pain control, which include: * White willow bark (180 mg twice a day); or * Low-dose aspirin (325–650 mg a day as tolerated, but discontinue if you experience abdominal discomfort); or * The nutritional supplement SAM-e (200–400 mg…

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Baby Aspirin and Statin Therapy

When I am considering prescribing something to help a patient maintain healthy cholesterol or good blood pressure levels, I often select drugs that can treat plaque instability at the same time—baby aspirin and statin therapy. And, as much as I strongly disagree with the use of statin therapy for…

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