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How to Get Off Your Blood Pressure Medication

…creep up, we may have to go back to the blood pressure medication dose that works, and hold it there for a while longer. Some folks may need low-dose blood pressure medication even when they do everything right. Most are successful if they adhere to the plan long term. I hope you are one of them! If you…

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Healthy Blood Pressure Secrets for Women

…pressure in my own family. Despite our strong family history of high blood pressure and other heart health issues, the women in my family all had low blood pressure in their younger years. Our systolic blood pressures tended to hover around 100, and our diastolic numbers ran between 58 and 60. But as many…

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Benefits of Yoga: A Powerful Exercise for Your Heart

…from the Slow, Deep Breaths The slow, deep breathing used in yoga helps to: * Calm and relax your body and mind * Relax the arterial walls * Low blood pressure * Slow your heart rate * Enhance your heart rate variability But you don’t need to practice yoga to get some of these same benefits of yoga…

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Your Questions Answered

…effect can be cumulative if you combine the two. So, if you're in a sauna and you begin to feel light-headedness, nausea, or other symptoms of low blood pressure, you should step out immediately and avoid using them in the future. Good luck! Nancy wrote to ask more about fish oil. She wanted to know if…

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