Reducing Inflammation is the Secret to Weight Loss

…inflammation, weight gain, and a hormone called leptin. Leptin regulates your body’s level of fat by controlling your appetite and metabolism. So, as you add more fat tissue, your body produces more leptin. In healthy people, the production of additional leptin signals the brain to suppress appetite and…

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Is Your Sleep Schedule Setting You Up for a Heart Attack or Stroke?

…risk of developing or dying from heart disease by 48% and stroke by 15%! The reason is a lack of sleep decreases your levels of the satiety chemical leptin so you’re more likely to overeat, contributing to obesity and heart disease. Chronically sleeping too little also heightens your sympathetic tone…

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5 Dining Secrets that Help to Take Off the Pounds

…have found that there’s a strong link between sleep and weight control. The reason is that a lack of sleep is a double-whammy. It reduces your leptin levels, the chemical that controls satiety after you eat. Plus, it triggers the release of the “hunger chemical” ghrelin which stimulates your…

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