Ldl Pattern

Foods High in Saturated Fat Aren’t the Enemy

…ratio—a key marker of cardiovascular health. Foods high in saturated fat also help to change your LDL cholesterol pattern, from small dense particles that can clog your arteries to large “fluffy” harmless LDL particles. Plus, a recent study at Harvard University concluded that, “greater saturated fat…

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The 10 Most Common Heart Health Fallacies

…perfect protein and can be eaten quite frequently, up to six a week. Plus, foods high in saturated fat are beneficial for LDL cholesterol, helping to change your cholesterol pattern from small, dense, harmful particles into large, fluffy, harmless ones. Plus, saturated fats raise "good" HDL cholesterol…

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Beware of Elevated Lp(a) Cholesterol Levels

…level under 50 mg/dL should be a treatment priority. Actually, anything over 30 worries me and if it’s over 75 it frightens me! To me, Lp(a), not LDL, is the real cholesterol story. In my experience it’s one of the most significant risk factors for coronary disease. Elevated Lp(a) cholesterol tends…

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