Ldl Particle Size Test

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The Cholesterol Numbers Doctors Should Measure

…cholesterol particle size test, which will measure your LDL and HDL cholesterol subtypes, as well as Lp(a). You can ask your physician to order the VAP test (www.thevaptest.com) or the LPP test from Spectracell (www.spectracell.com). Here are the optimal cholesterol numbers you want to see in your test results…

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For Heart-Healthy Eating, Up Fats & Reduce Carbs

…advice in the The Great Cholesterol Myth, including: * The latest research into particle size: large and small particle LDL cholesterol, * How saturated fat turns small dense LDL, which is invasive, into large fluffy LDL which is less invasive, * How saturated fats increase HDL cholesterol. In the subsequent…

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