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Laugh Your Way to A Longer, Healthier Life

…couldn’t be truer, laughter is extremely powerful medicine. Like crying, laughter softens the chest and is good for your respiratory system. Plus, if you’ve ever laughed so hard you cried, that’s good for your heart as well. But perhaps the biggest champion of the healing power of laughter was Norm Cousins…

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9 Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure Levels

…than those who go home to an empty house or a judgmental spouse! * Laughter: Children laugh an average of 400 times a day; adults, only 15. Somewhere on the way to adulthood, we lost the ability to laugh 385 times a day! Up your laughter quotient with comedy videos or playing with your children or grandchildren…

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On the Road With Dr. Sinatra

…other people in the audience need to hear as well. And the further discussion that ensues can engage more than one person at a time. And, of course, laughter is always a big part of the morning as well. Whether the humor comes from Dr. Sinatra or from the folks in active discussion with him, the sessions…

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The Importance of Emotion Well-Being

…you might not have considered. It can start with a card, a phone call, a cup of coffee or a walk in the park. We wish you and your heart love and laughter during this loving season … and all the weeks to come.

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