L Glutamine

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Five Key Nutrients for a Healthy Immune Health

…support take 600 mg daily. * L-glutamine: This amino acid fuels "energy-starved" macrophages (these are the "guard dog" white blood cells of your immune system), especially during times when they're needed most. For a healthy immune system, take 1,500 mg of L-glutamine daily. * Vitamin C: More than 30…

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Are You Taking a Dangerous Nutritional Supplement?

…effects. Dangerous Nutritional Supplements and Their Substitutes Avoid: American scullcap Take: St. John's wort or ginkgo Avoid: Androstenedione Take: Glutamine or tyrosine Avoid: Bitter orange Take: Digestive enzyme supplements Avoid: Chapparal Take: Beta glucan Avoid: Comfrey Take: Digestive enzymes Avoid…

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