Krill Oil

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Prevent Elevated Lp(a) Cholesterol Levels

…one or two doses. Start at a dose of 125mg, then double it as tolerated, up to the full amount. * Fish or squid oil: Take 2 grams daily of a good quality fish or squid oil (but not krill oil). * Nattokinase: 50 mg daily. * Bolouke: Boluoke contains the enzyme lumbrokinase, which has been shown to assist…

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Enjoy the Benefits of DHA

…best way to get DHA omega-3s? Good food sources of DHA include wild salmon, sardines and DHA-fortified eggs. Omega-3s are also found in fish and krill oil. But DHA is naturally found in higher levels in Calamarine™, which is an extract that comes from calamari. That’s the reason I’ve included Calamarine…

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For a Heart-Healthy Diet, Eat More Fat

…pumpkin seed oils, as well as dark leafy green vegetables. But the source I prefer above all others in a heart-healthy diet is fish, especially cold-water fish like wild salmon and mackerel. Plus, another popular way to get omega-3 benefits is by taking fish oil or other marine animal (krill or squid) supplements…

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