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Must-Have Tests for Heart Risk Factors

…had a heart attack or other cardiovascular event, you have a family history of early heart disease, you have hypothyroidism, or have lupus or kidney disease, you should consider asking your doctor to test your homocysteine levels. Finally, if you take drugs that tend to elevate homocysteine—theophylline…

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Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally by Drinking Water

…kidneys and digestive system. Hypertension, diabetes, and stress all leave the kidneys in a weakened state, so be careful. In fact, if you have kidney disease or congestive heart disease, consult your physician before increasing your water intake. * DO drink more water when you exercise. You lose water…

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Healthy Heart Nutrition Beverages

…that phosphates represent a culprit behind the prevalence of age-related medical problems and complications such as cardiovascular problems, kidney disease, and weakened skin and muscular structures. So, for an alternative to those sugary summery drinks, consider something equally cold and refreshing…

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The Harmful Substance That's "Sweeter" Than Sugar

…arteries properly dilated. In fact, the connection between fructose and uric acid is regarded as a potential cause of high blood pressure levels and kidney disease (a common side effect of chronic hypertension). For more information on cardiovascular nutrition, visit

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