Kidney Cleanse

Deep Breathing Techniques to Detoxify Your Body

…exhalation. * After you have breathed for several respirations, focus on grounding your feet onto the floor. * Next, place your thumbs over your kidneys (below your back ribs and above your pelvis) and wrap your fingers around the sides toward your navel. * Squeeze your fingers together gently as you…

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Enjoy the Detox Benefits of Far-Infrared Sauna

…sweat. But the benefits of infrared saunas, particularly far-infrared saunas (they provide even moist heat distribution), provide another good way to cleanse your body, lose weight and improve your heart health. By the way, far-infrared saunas are an especially great choice for anyone who needs to lose weight…

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Detox to Lose Weight

…really need statin drugs: These drugs are major liver stressors. * Stop acetaminophen: It’s yet another liver stressor that may also injure your kidneys. * Plus, take liver-supporting nutrients: Milk thistle helps to block the effect of toxins and helps to regenerate liver cells (200–400 mg daily…

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