Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Surprising Health Benefits of Donating Blood

…overload. Their physicians are often perplexed by their symptoms of fatigue, abdominal pain, organ failure, immune dysfunction, skin bronzing, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual irregularity, hair loss, and explosive diarrhea. To find out if your iron levels are healthy, ask your doctor to perform a special…

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Heart-Healthy Eating: A Little Insurance Against Holiday Excess

…elderly can be altered favorably with the use of probiotics. Another study, out of the University of Helsinki, shows that patients with irritable bowel syndrome who took probiotics had a marked reduction in their symptoms—particularly distension and abdominal pain. Additional experiments are exploring…

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Is Mold Affecting Your Heart, and Overall Health?

…visual disturbances, balance issues, cognitive dysfunction (i.e. trouble concentrating, remembering words, and “brain fog”), dizziness, irritable bowel syndrome, skin rashes, fever, swollen lymph nodes, mood swings, numbness and tingling, and nosebleeds. The most common health effects of mold I see…

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