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Reduce Your Heart Risk Factors with Sleep

We’ve been hearing a lot about sleep lately. We’re all familiar at this point with Michael Jackson’s previous insomnia issues, and in yesterday's issue of The New York Times there was an article about a new Pew Research Study that shows that 34% of Americans report they take a daily nap…mainly…

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On the Road with Dr. Sinatra

…health hazards radio frequencies present to current and future generations, including: * cardiac arrhythmias, * disturbed heart rate variability, * insomnia, * learning disabilities, * prematurity, and * sterility. They also made sure to include safe solutions as part of the presentation. Dr. Crofton had…

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Earthing for Earthlings

…the book, earthing helps virtually every health condition, from cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure levels and bad circulation, to insomnia and fertility issues. The book was released on April 15, 2010 and is available on or by calling 800-228-1507. In the meantime, if you want…

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Is Taking Multivitamins Safe?

…multivitamins that provide no more than 1 mg of copper. * High levels of manganese. Many multivitamin formulas contain too much manganese, which can cause insomnia. You should take no more than 10 mg daily, and preferably far less. * Too much beta carotene. In my nutrient formulas, I include vitamin A from mixed…

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Supplement and Medication Interactions to Avoid

…brain's "happy hormone," may occur. This medication interaction results in serotonin excess, which manifests itself as irritability, dry mouth and insomnia. * Do not use the herbs valerian root or passion flower if you take tranquilizers like Valium or Xanax, because this combination can make you drowsier…

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