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Prevent Elevated Lp(a) Cholesterol Levels

…cancer and a host of autoimmune problems—is a disease caused by inflammation. In the case of heart disease, it’s the arterial walls that get inflamed. Once they puff up from inflammation and all kinds of debris that accumulate in the arterial walls, they then get clogged, especially if you have…

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Budget Tips for Healthy Living

…processed food with hydrogenated oil) and polyunsaturated oils (vegetable oils, with the exception of coconut and olive oil). These are no-no’s. They inflame your body, including your blood and arteries. Stop eating at fast food restaurants or buying high-fat snacks! Healthy Living Budget Tip #2: Add more…

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Mammography in Controversy

…body, and the feedback I received really impressed me. Thermography picked up a couple of old skeletal injuries that are obviously still somewhat inflamed. I strongly suggest you look into thermography yourself. It may be a great alternative for you too. And I'd like to thank Dr. Sinatra and my daughter…

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Are Teenagers Setting Themselves Up for Heart Disease?

…disease. Smoke damages the heart and blood vessels and increases the risk of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). It can also cause sludgy, inflamed blood. In fact, even light or occasional smoking or inhaling secondhand smoke can contribute to heart disease. Plus, like regular cigarettes, hookah…

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Pets for Heart Health

…for health. A wrinkled or worried brow, snarling, or curled lips are behavioral warning signs. Pale gums may mean anemia or parasites, while red, inflamed tissue suggests gum disease. Before you make a purchase or acquisition, have a veterinarian check out the dog and make sure they are healthy. Now…

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A Healthy Lifestyle (Almost) Eliminates Sudden Cardiac Death

…followed for decades. A Healthy Lifestyle that Reduces the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death Includes: * Not smoking. Smoking causes sludgy, viscous, and inflamed blood. Stopping smoking can improve your heart health, tremendously. * Avoiding an overweight body mass index (higher than 25). * Doing 30 minutes…

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