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“But I’m Too Young to Have a Heart Attack…”

…disease as a part something that happens as you “get old.” But even young to middle-aged adults can have a heart attack, also called a myocardial infarction or MI. Over the years, I’ve seen men as young as 24-years old, and a woman who was just 18, suffer a heart attack—young people who never gave…

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Could Omega-3s Become “Standard Care” After a Heart Attack?

…, “This is important because other anti-inflammatory agents, including steroids and NSAIDS, have failed to make a difference after myocardial infarction [heart attack].” I couldn’t agree more that this is a case where natural therapies can safely and effectively outperform conventional medicine…

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Is Taking a Daily Aspirin Right for You?

…collected from 100,000 people over six years showing that we have to treat 120 people with a daily aspirin to prevent just one nonfatal myocardial infarction (MI). The researchers did report that total cardiovascular events decreased by 10 percent. But at the same time there was a 30 percent increased…

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Vascular Dementia Can Happen to Anyone

…and waning circulation to the brain, small vessel disease, TIAS’s (transient ischemic attacks), and mini-strokes. The most common type is multi-infarct dementia; the result of several strokes. As a cardiologist, I’ve seen many cases of VaD because it’s more common in those with cardiac conditions…

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New Study Shows Heart Benefits of L-Carnitine

…causes of mortality, angina symptoms and ventricular arrhythmias following a heart attack. The study acknowledged L-carnitine’s abilitytoin limit infarct size, stabilize heart cell membranes and improve compromised cellular energy metabolism. This study made good sense to me. It confirmed my own clinical…

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