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Heart Attack and Stroke Differences

…-chest pressure * Shortness of breath * Dull pain between the shoulder blades * Achiness in the jaw * Pain in left arm or elbow * Profuse sweating * Indigestion (often overlooked) * Nausea For women, heart attack symptoms include: * Dull, aching chest discomfort (vague) * Acute breathlessness * Sudden, profound…

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Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack in Young Women

…or pressure * Back discomfort * Pain or tingling of the jaw, elbow or arm (more often the left arm) * Throat tightness * Shortness of breath * Indigestion, or a feeling that if you could “burp” * Nausea or vomiting * Lightheadedness with exertion, dizziness or vertigo * Disproportionate sweating…

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What is an Angina Attack?

…shortness of breath and fatigue. Less typical are a pain, pressure or discomfort in the jaw (and/or teeth), the arm (including the elbow and wrist), or indigestion. Some folks describe a feeling that if they could just “burp” they would feel better. Angina Attack Versus Heart Attack The BIG difference between…

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Drinking Cold Water With Meals? Think Again.

…familiar with Ayurveda with whom I have spoken over the years have told me that this one simple practice has helped patients with gastritis and indigestion. Some have even said it helped patients lose weight (though I don’t know of any studies that bear this out). I never drink ice cold drinks with…

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