Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack in Young Women

…or pressure * Back discomfort * Pain or tingling of the jaw, elbow or arm (more often the left arm) * Throat tightness * Shortness of breath * Indigestion, or a feeling that if you could “burp” * Nausea or vomiting * Lightheadedness with exertion, dizziness or vertigo * Disproportionate sweating…

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Why a Raw Food Diet is Better Than an Antacid

If you're one of the many people who suffers from chronic indigestion, you're not alone. Just one look at the shelves in your pharmacy at all of the antacids is enough to show you that Americans are suffering from digestive ills in record numbers. But while an occasional antacid is okay, I don't encourage…

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Drinking Cold Water With Meals? Think Again.

…familiar with Ayurveda with whom I have spoken over the years have told me that this one simple practice has helped patients with gastritis and indigestion. Some have even said it helped patients lose weight (though I don’t know of any studies that bear this out). I never drink ice cold drinks with…

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