Hydrosoluble Coq10

CoQ10 Facts: What You Should Know

…-absorbable CoQ10. * Not every CoQ10 supplement works. The form of CoQ10 you take affects how well it’s absorbed. Research confirms that hydrosoluble CoQ10 (such as Hydro Q-Sorb, which is what I take) is the most bioavailable, enabling the nutrient to reach much higher levels in the blood. How much CoQ10 do…

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Common Side Effects of Beta Blockers

…reduction in the need for re-hospitalization after a heart attack. However, I do recommend that you counter the depletion of CoQ10 by taking 100–200 mg of hydrosoluble CoQ10 daily. For more information on treatments for heart attack and other cardiovascular problems, visit www.drsinatra.com.

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The Side Effects of Statin Drugs

…between statins, depletion of CoQ10 and congestive heart failure. I would never take a statin without the added insurance of supplemental CoQ10. Anyone taking a statin drug for an appropriate reason should be chasing it down with a minimum of 200 mg of hydrosoluble CoQ10. Adhering to a smart cholesterol…

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