Hip Pain

Treating Your Feet Can Help Your Heart

…another MD colleagues and tried the footbath for ourselves—and had the same blood results. For my husband, there was even relief of his right hip pain. The intervention had also included drinking a solution called Ioncleanse, a mixture of silver chloride and other minerals. The internalization of…

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Successful Surgery Recovery

About six months before my scheduled hip surgery, I started to “train” for it, much as I trained for wrestling matches during my athletic heyday. Here’s the 5-step plan I followed: Step 1: Think Positive. Recovery from surgery starts in the mind. Rather than getting down, I reframed everything…

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Walking Club Check-In: Don't Forget to Warm Up

…place or riding a stationary bicycle for five minutes. When you stretch, do not hold your breath. Stretch slowly and hold the position just short of pain. Avoid bouncing. Here are some stretches to start you off: * One-quarter Head Circles: Starting with your ear near your shoulder on one side, rotate…

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