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Heart Risk Factors for Women Versus Men

…your heart. Have your HDL level checked six weeks after you start an HDL-raising program. Chances are you will see a change for the better. High Triglycerides. When you get your cholesterol checked, I also want you to have your doctor check to see if you have healthy triglycerides levels. Triglycerides…

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Dr. Sinatra Book: Arthritis Interrupted

…is a culprit behind the myriad faces of heart disease: * high blood pressure levels; * cardiac arrhythmias; * high LDL cholesterol levels; * high triglycerides; * elevated L(p)a; and * heart attack and stroke….just to name a few. The medical suffix “--itis” literally means INFLAMMATION. Unchecked…

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Statin Medications Will Not Reduce Lp(a)

…evaluated by your doctor. * Be aware of other risk factors of heart disease, including smoking, high blood pressure, circulatory problems, high triglycerides, obesity, glucose intolerance and repressed emotions, which can have a harmful effect on the health of your heart. For more information on cholesterol…

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Diabetes and Heart Disease

…higher propensity for developing insulin resistance. Many with insulin resistance also have high blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol levels and high triglycerides, the typical metabolic trio of insulin resistance. So, if you are overweight or have insulin resistance, I encourage you to get your blood pressure…

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Pets and Your Heart

…literally open our hearts. They can also help us to better manage some of the heart risk factors we worry about, like high blood pressure levels, high triglycerides, and poor blood circulation. Here are some of the lessons we can learn from them: * Appreciation. Pets not only bring tranquil and playful energy…

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