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Why “Good” HDL Cholesterol Isn’t Always Good

…HDL, and it elevated blood pressure. What’s the bottom line for you? If you have a family history of heart disease at a young age, or have high cholesterol with confusing results, I urge you to ask your doctor to go beyond a standard lipid panel—and conduct specific testing to dissect your HDL cholesterol…

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Drugs Are Not the Only Way to Lower Your Cholesterol

…conducted by Dr. David J. Becker of the University of Pennsylvania Health System's Chestnut Hill Hospital and colleagues, found that people with high cholesterol who took red yeast rice and fish oil daily and who got help with diet, exercise and relaxation techniques enjoyed the same 40% drop in LDL obtained…

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Standard Cholesterol Tests Are For Dinosaurs!

…-NONE X-NONE High cholesterol is not the primary heart risk factor that it was once believed to be. Still, I see the anxiety in patients’ faces when they tell me they have total cholesterol scores above 200. If you’re one of them, I’m here to tell you not to worry. High cholesterol is not a death…

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Does Healthy Cholesterol Really Lower Risk of Dementia?

…Kaiser Permanente reported an association between high cholesterol levels and increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Researchers followed close to 10,000 people for 40 years and found that people who had high or borderline high cholesterol levels at ages 40–45 had much greater chances of…

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New Statin Medication Guidelines May Double Use

…cause accelerated coronary artery disease even in those younger than 50. However, there are people with this genetic variant who have extremely high cholesterol levels and live well into their 80s and 90s. It doesn't make sense to treat a high LDL number in the absence of this genetic situation. So this…

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Women Are More Likely to Die from Heart Disease than Cancer

…inflammation, advanced cardiovascular disease, or have had a prior cardiac event or procedure. Many doctors prescribe statins at the first sign of high cholesterol, but I believe statins should be prescribed only to people with advanced arterial disease. Not only do the drugs inhibit your body’s production…

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