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Treating High Blood Pressure With ACE Inhibitors

ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitors are popular for treating high blood pressure because they work really well at suppressing a powerful enzyme that can cause arterial walls to constrict and drive up blood pressure. This keeps arterial walls relaxed, thereby lowering blood pressure and…

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High Blood Pressure Q&A Index

Look below for Dr. Sinatra's answers to specific high blood pressure questions * How Much Salt Can You Eat? * What Treatment Options Exist for Stubborn High Blood Pressure? * Can a Cough Be a High Blood Pressure Drug Side Effect? * What Nutrients Are Needed When Taking High Blood Pressure…

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Q&A Archive

…pressure * Postural hypotension * Proper position for blood pressure reading * Pulse pressure * Tapering off high blood pressure medications * Timing doses of high blood pressure medications * What nutrients are needed when taking high blood pressure medications? * What treatment options exist for stubborn…

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Calcium-Channel Blockers Side Effects and Benefits

Calcium-channel blockers are often prescribed to lower the heart rate and to lower blood pressure. Like beta blockers, calcium-channel blockers may improve blood flow and improve vascular tone through narrowed vessels. Some calcium-channel blockers are even endothelial-cell friendly—that is, they…

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