Surprising Health Benefits of Donating Blood

…remove the excess iron, donate blood one to three times per year. If your level is more than 400 mg/L, ask your doctor to check for hereditary hemochromatosis. If you’re interested in helping decrease the blood bank shortage and the health benefits of donating blood, you can contact the American Red…

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How Too Much Iron Harms Your Heart

…oxygen to our cells. However, research indicates that iron overload, or hemochromatosis, can actually increase your risk for cardiovascular problems and harm your heart health. How Elevated Iron Levels Affect Heart Health Hemochromatosis is an acquired or hereditary defect of iron metabolism in which excess…

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Preventing Stroke With Vitamin C

…vitamin C is those diagnosed with hemochromatosis, or who carry the gene for it. That's because vitamin C plays an important role in the proper utilization and absorption of iron. Too much vitamin C can bring about iron overload states in people with hemochromatosis which increases your risk for cardiovascular…

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