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Emotion and Heart Valves

One fairly common problem that comes with aging is leaking heart valves. When valves become damaged from the effects of time or illness, blood can leak backward through the heart and cause a strain on the organ. This problem may manifest as shortness of breath, palpitations, rapid heart rhythm, irregular…

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Prevent Blood Clots

…the blood and prevent blood clots. More specifically, studies have shown that Coumadin can protect you from a stroke if you have: * Mechanical heart valves (their surfaces encourage blood platelets to stick to them). * Suffered an embolic stroke, one of three types of stroke caused by a fragment or…

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Baby Aspirin and Statin Therapy

…comment that we still lack the evidence to start pulling out the prescription pad and routinely ordering statin therapy for anyone who has calcified heart valves. However, if you already have this condition, and are on a statin drug to treat your lipids, you should know that you may be improving your valvular…

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The Most Common Blood Thinners

…if you have mechanical heart valves, atrial fibrillation or had an extensive heart attack (scar tissue weakens contraction of the left ventricle, which may allow blood to stagnate and clot). Blood thinners are also prescribed for atrial fibrillation, mechanical heart valves, and prevention of clot formation…

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