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Heart Function Tests to Assess Heart Disease Risk

Learn About the Most Important Heart Test for Those Being Evaluated for Heart Disease One common question that I‘m asked by those concerned about their risk for heart disease is, what cardiac screening tests should be included in a good preventive and diagnostic cardiac screening? From all the options…

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Heart Tests: The Sinatra Smart Zone Scores

…disease risk, the Sinatra Smart Zone is my goal. These heart test scores are usually consistent with what you see as “better than normal” values from the particular lab that you used. Along with my suggested Sinatra Smart Zone heart test values, the following summary includes a brief list of interventions…

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The Heart Tests You Need

…suffered heart attacks and strokes at young ages. For such people, periodic heart test screening should start as early as age 30. For those with no family history of heart disease or stroke, and no symptoms of those problems, heart test screening can begin at age 50. Should you begin having unexplained symptoms…

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