Heart Scan

Could You Have a Silent Heart Attack and Not Know It?

…wasn’t getting enough blood to his heart. He was having silent ischemia. So I immediately reduced the resistance on the bicycle and asked him how he was feeling. He was surprised that I turned down the resistance. I asked him to just close his eyes and scan his body. He said he felt something in…

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4 Medical Tests That Could Do More Harm than Good

…minimal and safe. The truth is that a CT scan, particularly that of the abdomen, exposes patients to levels of radiation comparable to Japanese atomic bomb survivors. Most tests involve two or three scans for a total of 30–45 mSv, and often, repeat scans are ordered every few months to follow patients’…

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5 Surprising Heart Disease Risk Factors

…significantly increase your heart disease risk. If you have heart disease, it’s not enough to just treat your disease. You need to focus on your overall health as well. There are a number of conditions that don’t seem on the surface to have much of a relationship with heart disease at all, yet they…

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