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5 Heart-Healthy Snacks You Can Enjoy--Guilt-Free!

…much fat, calories, and sodium. We’re literally snacking our way to obesity, poor heart health, and diabetes. But here are five delicious, heart-healthy snacks you can enjoy: 1. Vegetable Skewers: Skewer together sliced peppers, cucumbers, tomato chunks, any of your other favorite vegetables. Then,…

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5 Heart-Healthy Snacks for Super Bowl Sunday

…Sunday—or whether you’re one who just watches the game for the incredible commercials and half-time show—I thought I would give you some heart-healthy snacks to enjoy during the game. Here are my top 5 snack picks for game time: 1. Harvest trail mix not only contains nuts rich in heart-healthy omega…

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5 Tips for a Healthier, More Enjoyable, Summer Travel

…. As your heart rate and systolic pressure rise with activity, so does your RPP. Plus, use these strategies to avoid airport angina. * For heart-healthy snacks on the go, eat nuts—including almonds, walnuts, and macadamias. In fact, wherever I travel I go to the local health food store and buy some…

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