Hawthorn Berry

Improve Blood Circulation with Hawthorn Berries

…and increases blood flow to the heart. Hawthorn berries can be taken as a tea, tincture, or in capsule or tablet form, all of which are available in health-food stores. The brand of hawthorn berries I use and recommend is Eclectic Institute’s hawthorn berry capsules. I like their products because…

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Supplement and Medication Interactions to Avoid

…dosages of Gingko biloba (120-240 mg daily) if you're on the blood-thinner Coumadin or aspirin, as bleeding may occur. * If you're on Digoxin, take hawthorn berry only under a physician's guidance. This medication interaction could slow your heart rate too much. * If you're taking Digoxin with beta blockers…

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What are ACE Inhibitor Drugs?

…the medication. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives to ACE inhibitor drugs for treating high blood pressure levels. These include: * Hawthorn berry (500 mg two to three times per day) increases blood flow in smaller vessels, acting much like ACE inhibitor drugs, as it decreases blood pressure…

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