Gum Disease

Beyond Heart Health—Surprising Benefits of CoQ10

…believed that in gum disease, periodontal pathogens (bacteria) can cause reactive oxygen species (ROS) overproduction—which in plain English means there’s an overgrowth of bacteria that can damage gum tissue. CoQ10 helps to reduce the effects of those ROS bacteria—protecting your gums from cell breakdown…

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Heart Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

…kill many microorganisms, bacteria and viruses that are responsible for periodontal disease, herpes and even bladder infections. Remember, oral bacteria that can cause dental disease can enter the bloodstream via the gum line, cause inflammation and eventually contribute to arthrosclerosis. Plus, research…

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Pets for Heart Health

…great pet for health. A wrinkled or worried brow, snarling, or curled lips are behavioral warning signs. Pale gums may mean anemia or parasites, while red, inflamed tissue suggests gum disease. Before you make a purchase or acquisition, have a veterinarian check out the dog and make sure they are healthy…

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