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Why You Should Choose CoQ10 & Your Dentist Over Statin Drugs

…contributes to heart disease and stroke. The reason for that connection is that bacteria caused by gum disease can trigger inflammation in the heart. While the study’s lead author acknowledged gum disease increases the amount of circulating bacteria in the mouth, he stated preventive periodontal treatment…

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Signs and Symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease

…-carnitine and D-ribose. Micro-organisms. Bacterial infections spread germs and generate inflammation in the body. A common source of such bacteria is gum disease. Nanobacteria (1/1,000 the size of regular bacteria) is a particularly strong risk factor. Toxic metals. Mercury and lead are the most infamous toxic…

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Pets for Heart Health

…worried brow, snarling, or curled lips are behavioral warning signs. Pale gums may mean anemia or parasites, while red, inflamed tissue suggests gum disease. Before you make a purchase or acquisition, have a veterinarian check out the dog and make sure they are healthy. Now it’s your turn: Do you have…

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