Grounding Device

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The Health Perks of Yoga & An Invite to Kripalu 2013

…health benefits of Earthing (also called grounding) and energy/vibrational medicine. We’ll talk about which frequencies are harmonious and healing to the body, and which ones can be disruptive—and even toxic—such as those emitted by high-tech devices such as cordless phones, cellular phones, and…

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5 Last Minute Heart-Healthy Gifts

…We can ground ourselves by simply walking barefoot or sitting/laying on the earth. But in the winter when it’s cold, you can also ground yourself by wearing leather shoes, or using a grounding device for your home or automobile. You can find unique healthy gift ideas at *…

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Recognizing a Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia

…can see these fluctuations on an electrocardiogram. Monitoring Your Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia With the development of sophisticated computerized devices such as 24-hour Holter monitoring and other computer programs like the NerveExpress, reams of data on respiratory sinus arrhythmia have been collected…

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Are Airport Security Scanners Safe?

…airports are using them. Then we could discriminate. But I don’t see that full disclosure coming to settle the controversy about the safety of these devices any time soon. An Expert Weighs In on Airport Security Scanners After my trip, I was talking to Dr. Kerry Crofton—author of Wireless Radiation Rescue—about…

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