Grapefruit Juice

Tomato Juice and Bone Health

…health and prevent osteoporosis. How to Get Lycopene for Bone Health But you don’t need to drink tomato juice to get that antioxidant protection. In addition to tomatoes, watermelon, guava, grapefruits, asparagus, red cabbage and persimmons all contain lycopene. Or, you can take a lycopene supplement for…

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Supplement and Medication Interactions to Avoid

…, because this combination can make you drowsier. * To avoid medication interaction, never take grapefruit juice with any prescription drug. The liver can be literally overwhelmed metabolizing grapefruit. It does so via the P450 pathway—the same metabolic superhighway your body uses to break down and…

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3 Secrets for Taking Nutritional Supplements

…the foods you eat. One exception are carnitines, which I recommend taking alone and on an empty stomach. But be very careful about drinking grapefruit juice with your vitamins and especially your prescription drugs. It contains an enzyme that can literally multiply your normal doses without you realizing…

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