Genetic High Cholesterol

Beware of Elevated Lp(a) Cholesterol Levels

For years, I have been advising you to monitor a dangerous, small, dense, highly inflammatory cholesterol particle known as Lipoprotein A, or Lp(a). An elevated Lp(a) cholesterol level in the bloodstream increases the “stickiness” of blood, and contributes dramatically to the formation of clots…

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Alzheimer's Disease Prevention: Know Your Risk Factors

…address as many modifiable risk factors as possible. What Are the Alzheimer's Risk Factors? * High blood pressure * Diabetes * High LDL cholesterol levels * Age * History of stroke * Head trauma Our age and genetics are factors that are not within your control. In fact, most experts are in agreement that…

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The Antioxidant Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid

…unfortunately, the best dietary source of lipoic acid is red meat, which often contains high levels of saturated fats, hormones, pesticides and radiation. If you have high triglyceride levels, need to lower your LDL cholesterol levels, have poor circulation, or other heart health risks, you should eat red meat…

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