5 Easy, Natural Cures for the Health Hazards of Summer

…or less which is important for vitamin D production, I recommend covering up. If despite your best efforts you get sunburned, you can sooth it with gel from the Aloe Vera plant. Aloe contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and salicylate (an aspirin-like substance) to help reduce inflammation, pain…

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8 Ways to Avoid Colorectal Cancer

…minimum of 40 grams of fiber today. I highly recommend that ground flaxseed be part of the equation; it’s high in soluble fiber (meaning it forms a gel when mixed with liquid), and its lignans give you the added bonus of enhanced immune response. Chia seeds and oatmeal are also good options. 4. Take…

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3 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol at the Grocery Store

…bran, and oats, helps lower cholesterol. (This is the reason oat cereals can make their heart-healthy claims.) As I discussed earlier, fiber forms a gel-like material that inhibits the absorption of cholesterol. It’s an established fact that heart patients who eat two ounces of oat bran daily for six…

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