Preventing Stroke With Vitamin C

…stroke is valuable. For the study on the health benefits of vitamin C in preventing stroke, researchers at the Pontchaillou University Hospital in France compared 65 people who suffered a hemorrhagic stroke with 65 healthy people. They tested the vitamin C levels in both groups and found that 45 percent…

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Wi-Fi Radiation Prevention Tips

…vacations. This is anecdotal evidence so far, but more research is under way. Given this background, you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that France made a move to strongly discourage their states and provinces from allowing Wi-Fi radiation in their schools. They're employing the “precautionary…

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Israel Issues a New Warning About Cell Phone Dangers

…are especially vulnerable to cell phone radiation. I commend the Israeli government—and other governments like Canada, Korea, Sweden, Austria and France to mention a few—for erring on the side of caution while we get more data. Hopefully, our own country which has failed to take any stance so far…

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