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Treating Low Ejection Fraction

…. On the supplement front, Dr. Sinatra encourages people with low ejection fractions (with or without heart failure) to take what he calls his Awesome Foursome to build up ATP reserves. Supplements for Low Ejection Fraction * CoEnzyme Q10: 100mg 3 times daily with meals, * D-Ribose: one scoop 2-3 times…

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Low Cholesterol Levels Can Hurt Your Immune System

…-250 mg/dL. Most importantly, for immunity a suitable LDL cholesterol level is between 80-140 mg/dL, but not any lower. However, your cholesterol fractions and subtypes are also important—here are the levels I recommend. Also, if you’re on a statin medication purely for cholesterol lowering you may…

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New Life-Saving Cholesterol Testing

…Two New Cholesterol Blood Tests * The first is called the VAP test—short for vertical auto profile. This test can break cholesterol down into fractions smaller than LDL and HDL and analyze the particles comprising each of them. This is important because having a preponderance of certain types of particles…

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Measuring Your HDL Cholesterol Level

…but HDL2 is far superior and provides more protection than HDL1. Cardiologists and holistic health practitioners have much more to learn about HDL fractions and cholesterol screening guidelines, and it may turn out that some HDL can be just as harmful, perhaps even more so, than oxidized LDL. We are hearing…

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Could Popcorn Replace Fruits and Vegetables?

…own organic popcorn in an air popper. One full cup of air popped popcorn contains just 31 calories and a mere .36 grams of fat. That’s just a fraction of the movie theatre variety. * If you’d prefer a little bit of oil on your popcorn, drizzle on some coconut oil. Coconut oil contains medium-chain…

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What is Lp(a) Cholesterol?

…high Lp(a) cholesterol levels, you must first know what you are up against. What is Lipoprotein (a)? Lp(a) is small, dense, highly inflammatory sub-fraction of a cholesterol particle and is made in the liver. Dr. Sinatra believes that it is so dangerous, it should be listed as a specific risk factor for…

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